5 Reasons Having Good Roommates Rocks

Roommates – You love them, you hate them, you enjoy their company, you want your privacy, you don’t like that they touch your stuff or use up all the hot water but you like that you get to split the rent with someone. Roommates are like a rite of passage in the quest to leave your parent’s house and get a taste of the real world. Who knows, you may be lucky to take a lease with a very close friend or someone who ends up becoming your close friend. Good roommates are a blessing; they’re good for more reasons than rent and going halves on toilet paper.

You always have someone to share your day with.

You may have a great day or a bad day but either way, there’s someone to share it with. You’ll get a different opinion – usually from a different perspective – about that incident that occurred at work and this way, you’re better able to read your colleagues and keep your emotions in check. Pets don’t count here, because while they may be good listeners, they cannot analyze the situation and give you an opinion.

Cooking for one stinks.

It truly does and although you could survive on SpaghettiO’s, it gets boring after a while. Cooking for just one person can be hectic, but if you have a roommate, that feeling of “it took an hour to prepare this and just 5 quite minutes to eat” won’t come up. Even if you guys cook separately, they could serve as a guinea pig for all the recipes you’d like to try.

You get a new friend or friends.

We all need friends but making new friends as an adult is hard – it’s not impossible – it’s just a lot more difficult – especially when you move to a new, strange place. Roommates are perfect because they present an opportunity to grow your friend list. Not only do you get to be friends with them, if they have great friends, you get to become friends with their friends too – therefore expanding your friend circle.

You’ll get to know yourself better – quirks, likes and things you’ll absolutely not stand

It sounds dorky, but the fact is, you get a clearer understanding of what you subconsciously expect when cohabiting with another person. It could also give you insights into some of your own quirks that don’t go down well with others. This way, if you decide to get married or cohabit with the love of your life, you’ll find it easier to adjust or at least you’ll let them know about your “strange” sleeping or eating habits. (Hint: The keepers will see it as adorable not annoying)

You’ll become more financially responsible.

The fact that someone else expects you to get your act together and pay your bills on time will subconsciously make you a lot more financially responsible. You’ll also realize how much electricity you waste just by leaving the lights on when you don’t really need it. Paying bills teaches a lot.

You have your own, automatic key-buddy.

There’s always the chance that you’ll lock yourself out. But if you have a roommate, you don’t have to hide your keys under the not so “secret” rock or worse – under the welcome mat – as your roommate can just open up the door for you. That’s if they too didn’t lock themselves out, or go on a week-long vacation.

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