The Best Dog Parks In Brooklyn To Treat The Love Of Your Life

Looking to treat your dog to a run and some fun? NYC is full of pet friendly hotels, restaurants and pet stores so your pet always feels like it’s on a vacation but if you’re looking for dog parks that offer dogs the perfect place to socialize on a soft non-concrete surface, look below.

  1. McCarren Park Dog Run

Located in Greenpoint

The McCarren Park dog Run is located at the corner of North 12th Street and Driggs Avenue. In my opinion, this place could be better maintained, as trashcans are littered around, plus it’ll make a world of difference if they could just add a simple bathroom and a hose near the dog runs. Notwithstanding, this is an awesome park for you and your pet to go hangout.

  1. Monsignor McGlorick Park

Located in Greenpoint

This list or any list for of dog parks in Brooklyn would be incomplete without the Monsignor McGlorick Park. It is very popular in Brooklyn and you can gain entrance into this park from Russell Street and Nassau Avenue. You can also sneak in a small dog from the subway but if not, there are 2 separate parking facilities close by. There are some gardens in and around this park and the amazing sunset view of the Chrysler Building is an experience to behold. This park is kid and pet friendly and this is evident in the fact that it is frequented by mothers and nannies.

  1. Hillside Dog Park

Located in Brooklyn Heights

Dog owners in Brooklyn enjoy using the Hillside Dog Park for a reason – it is a lot better than the one in Pier 6. It is located at Vine Street & Columbia Heights and is perfect for desensitizing your dog to unfamiliar people and large crowds. But, parking might be a problem because lots of dog owners come here daily. You’re in luck if you have a small dog as you can easily take the subway. But you have to keep an eye on them because the gates are a bit worn and smaller breeds can just wiggle through.

You can come with picnic tables and benches to make yourself very comfortable. Not everyone that comes here has a pet; some people who do not own pets come here just to unwind and watch dogs have fun.

  1. Shore Road Park

Located in Bay Ridge

The Shore Road Park approximately a 5-mile area close to the Bay Ridge – 95 Street Station and has a massive dog run bigger than most dog parks in Brooklyn. It could serve as a great endurance course thanks to its meandering path and the presence of hills. This park also offers stunning views of the Verrazano Bridge.

  1. Dyker Beach Park

Located in Dyker Heights

This park is divided into smaller spaces created with plantings and the entry point is close to the edge of 86th Street and Seventh Avenue. The community has gradually built up this space over the past 4 decades by buying up little parcels of land in stages. Apart from the beautiful dog park space, there’s a golf center where they host a local youth league.

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