The Only Moving Checklist You Will Ever Need

Moving into your first apartment or moving on up in the world and into a new place, Habitats has you covered with a trusty guide, making sure your move is as easy as possible.


2 Months Out

About  2 months out you want to start thinking about the type of area you want to live in (if it’s Greenpoint or Bushwick we have you covered with our local guides). Some things to consider (beyond the price of rent):

  1. If you have a pet – is there a dog park nearby
  2. If you commute – are you on a reliable line or is there Citi Bikes nearby
  3. If you are into music/arts – am I near the action?
  4. Is the area safe?
  5. Are there local cafes where I can work out or just grab a coffee?
  6. Is there a locals vibe?

You should also check out the area and maybe try your commute to see if its what you had in mind. Assuming you have made the right decision and are moving to Brooklyn, specifically Bushwick or Greenpoint, what do you do next? We recommend getting your finances in order and working out a budget. You shouldn’t be spending all your hard-earned cash on rent. If necessary, we also recommend lining up your guarantors or having a look at renters deposit insurance. We recommend rhino!


1 Month Out

You need to start getting organized by settling on a place and picking a move-in date. Next on your list of things to do is book some time off work for a moving day (mid-week can be easier to schedule movers). You should also take this time before you move to declutter. Marie condo and minimalist the s**t out of your life. You will feel better for it. One big thing a lot of people forget is to make sure all your furniture will fit in your new apartment! (We always include a floor plan in our listing and if you need to stop by and triple check anything please let us know)


2 Weeks Out

You’re almost ready. You took the last month or so to sell/donate your unwanted items, you have your budget and schedule for the move, time off work is sorted, the contract is signed, insurance if up to snuff, now what? Start gathering boxes for the items you want to take with you. Hint: Ask your local grocery store or liquor stores to use their extra boxes. Finally, you need to let everyone you are moving:

  • Bank
  • DMV
  • HR department
  • Subscriptions (Rent the runway etc)
  • Credit Card Company (if different from the bank)
  • Post Office
  • Transfer Utilities

If your moving to a new part of town, cancel your gym memberships, yoga studio sessions, etc. and make sure to transfer any prescriptions to a new pharmacy near your new place.


1 Week Out

Stack your labeled moving boxes (label each side of each box with (1) the room it’s destined for and a sequence number), organize your new renter’s insurance, we recommend lemonade. You also want to double confirm with the moving company your date and time of the move. Over the next few days eat whatever is left in your apartment and don’t bother doing a grocery order until you move into your new space.


A few days out: Finish up, clean up

Pack your ‘essentials box,’ and put the toothbrush, toothpaste, chargers, toilet paper, clothes, laptop, laptop charger in a go-bag. Make sure your apartment is cleaned, so it’s immaculate for the next tenant. Take out some cash so you can tip your movers, pack up any loose ends, and don’t forget to empty and clean the fridge.


Moving day

Take pictures of your new place. Document any issues and if it needs a wipe down, get the duster out. You also need a punch list we suggest you:

  1. Check all locks and keys are working
  2. Check all heaters / hvac’s are working
  3. Check if the water is working (hot and cold)
  4. Check the shower pressure
  5. Check the sockets and all light bulbs are working

Before you close the door on your old place for the last time, take a look around, make sure it’s golden and make sure to hand over your keys.

Finally, welcome to your new home. Its been a journey but we hope you find your happiness and enjoy everything the neighborhood has to offer.

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