Bushwick is a neighborhood in the northern part of Brooklyn, bordered by East Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, and Ridgewood. The neighborhood is home to a diverse population of Hispanic immigrant families, young creative professionals, artists, musicians, and university students. Since 2000, Bushwick’s population has risen by nearly 15 percent.

Traditionally a working class neighborhood, Bushwick has experienced a resurgence in recent years as artists, creators and young professionals migrated from the city and neighboring East Williamsburg. As a result, Bushwick has become a magnet for cultural institutions, nightlife, tech entrepreneurs, creative agencies and recording studios. There are over 80 galleries, 1,000+ artist studios, music venues, pop-up stores, cutting edge restaurants and bars calling Bushwick home.


Bushwick is bounded by the neighborhood of Ridgewood, Queens, to the northeast; Williamsburg to the northwest; East New York and the cemeteries of Highland Park to the southeast; Brownsville to the south; and Bedford-Stuyvesant to the southwest.


With over a thousand artist studios, over 80 galleries, and block after block of world-renowned street art, Bushwick has risen to claim the crown as NYCs neighborhood of creativity. Below are list of a few of our favourite galeries:

  • The Bushwick Collective
  • The Bogart
  • Fisher Parrish Gallery
  • Transmitter
  • Microscope Gallery
  • Sardine


Subway travel in Bushwick is plentiful with J, M, Z and L line options. Bus options include the 54, 60, 52, 26 and 38 bus service. There is also an abundance of Citi Bikes for convenient commuting around the neighborhood.

Subway Commute Times From Linden

  • 35 minutes to Grand Central
  • 37 minutes to Times Square
  • 39 minutes to Wall Street
  • 30 minutes to NYU
  • 29 minutes to Parsons School of Design


Art galleries, concert venues, book readings, breweries, cinemas and outdoor events to name but a few of the entertainment options at your doorstep in Bushwick.  For more information, you can check out the the following or see our local map for more info.

  • House of Yes
  • Elsewhere
  • Nowadays
  • Brooklyn Steel
  • The Footlight Bar
  • Lot 45 Bushwick


Bushwick is a destination in Brooklyn for up and coming designers, including Better than Jam as well as legendary establishments such as Martin Greenfield Clothiers. The neighborhood is also home to a host of vintage stores including Friends and Urban Jungle. In the last year, several contemporary design boutiques have opened up, providing unique, locally designed and crafted home goods.


Bushwick offers a wide range of dining options, from traditional Latin food at Arepera Guacuco to Michelin Star restaurants such as Faro, located on Jefferson Street, and Le Garage, located on Suydam Street, a rapidly developing public transit rich retail corridor.

  • Boobie Trap
  • Starling Bar
  • Three Diamond Door
  • Mad Tropical
  • Left Hand Path
  • The Johnson’s
  • Kings County Brewers Collective
  • The Cobra Club
  • Lot 45
  • Pearl’s Social & Billy Club
  • Jupiter Disco
  • Rose Gold
  • El Cortez
  • Forrest Point
  • Ops
  • Sally Roots
  • Nicandra’s
  • The Wheel House
  • Le Garage
  • Archie’s Bar and Pizza
  • Mominette
  • Arepera Guacuco
  • Tortilleria Los Hermanos
  • Bunna Café
  • Roberta’s
  • Maite


The easiest way to explore the neighborhood is to check out our custom map featuring all our favorite eateries, bars, cafes, parks, workout studios and much much more. The map is below and also available here.

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